What’s New?


– Updated Blog http://theartofapril-anna.blogspot.ca/

– Posted New stopmotion animation (submission for Robert Plant’s video contest for “Rainbow”).


Updated the blog. http://theartofapril-anna.blogspot.ca/


New blog posting: http://theartofapril-anna.blogspot.ca/2014/08/time-without-age-across-centuries-kieres.html


– Another new blog posting (I posted 2 tonight):


– New blog posting with new photo samples from the past two weeks! Check it out!


Updates on Website:

CV added under the section called “About”.

Creative Writing added to the section called “Multi-Media”

Singing Demo‘s added to the section called “Multi-Media”



Ok so I decided that for now I am removing the blog off the main website because as it turns out I ran out of server space & have to do something about that… But in the meantime I will instead breath new life into my old blog, which you can find here (but I haven’t posted anything just yet, I’ll make a note here when I do, planning to post tonight, the blog needs an overhaul): http://theartofapril-anna.blogspot.ca/

I will continue to post notes here though about what is new that isn’t really blog worthy or if I update something major on the website, update the blog, et cetera. No point in mentioning my posts on facebook cause anyone paying attention there can easily see I am very active on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheArtofAprilAnna

So, on another note; I had a very productive meeting with Aurelie, Projet AEolia, she makes beautiful music and we are creating a new stopmotion animation together. But additionally she is going to get involved in another ongoing stopmotion project I started two weeks ago, which I had to reshoot some of it last week.

My film festival submissions didn’t get accepted, which I am disappointed about, but that’s ok, will try again next year with new material. Now I just need to do some finishing touches on a few things but am otherwise about to release new stopmotion to the world wide web… woo hoo!!!


So my website is still under construction, I am playing around with things and keep changing things. Also still looking for bugs. Check out my facebook fanpage for daily diatribes and over all randomness.

I am not sure if I will make this section/menu more of a blog or keep the official blog separate (which I created for now in the drop-down menu) and make this page more of a diatribe extension of what I do on facebook, dividing things up based on subject & type of writing; here being more of a quick updates page including mentioning what sections of the website have been updated. Where as the blog I would do actual article writing like I used both on my old blog & what I used to do for my university newspaper; I used to cover the Arts & Entertainment section as a hobby-journalist.

I appreciate your patience as I figure this out.

I have been very busy with personal projects (all collaborations); stopmotion animation shoots this past week and next week (I am simultaneously working on three projects all at once) plus a side project unrelated to what I am known for (secret I will reveal in the next few days) which I just went into the studio for yesterday.

I am now running my website and trying to learn to navigate wordpress & sometimes I have to learn coding but this is challenging. I need to fix a few bugs on the website that I don’t know how to fix yet (such as I notice the photos won’t enlarge in the galleries, really annoying I can’t figure out why).

Anyways I hope everyone is enjoying the summer while it lasts!