Jagua Temporary Tattoos / L’art corporel au Jagua

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Jagua is a blue-black temporary tattoo made from the jagua-fruit, also known as Geripa Americana L. fruit tree which grows only in the Amazon Forest. Jagua is used traditionally in South America primarily for camouflage in the jungle as they try to imitate the shadows of the plants & trees of the jungle around them. In some places it is also used for ceremony. Jagua has been used for thousands of years as a body art by the native people of countries such as Panama, Peru, the Caribean, Southern Mexico and through out the Amazon (Central/South America). Jagua temporary tattoos have only recently been introduced to North America & Europe. It is non-toxic and safe for the skin.

Le “Jagua” est un tatouage temporaire bleu-noir obtenu du fruit de jagua, aussi appelé “Geripa Americana L.”. Cet arbre pousse seulement dans la forêt amazonienne. Le “Jagua” sert depuis des milliers d’années comme ornement corporel chez les peuples du Panama, du Pérou, des Antilles, du Mexique du sud et dans la région amazonienne. Le tatouage temporaire au “Jagua” a fait son apparition récemment, en Amérique du Nord et en Europe. Le produit n’est pas toxique et sans risque pour la peau.

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The temporary tattoo lasts between 1-2 weeks, depending on your skin’s natural exfoliation rate. The temporary tattoo is applied with a gel which is produced from the unripe Jagua fruit. The jagua gel soaks into the top layers of the epidermis, leaving a film on top of your skin. You leave the dried gel on your skin for 2 hours, then wash off, leaving a beautiful real looking temporary tattoo. The body art oxidizes over 23 hours.

Le tatouage temporaire dure de une à deux semaines, tout dépendant de l’exfoliation de votre peau. Le tatouage temporaire est appliqué en gel, produit du fruit pas encore mûr. Le gel teint l’épiderme et laisse un film sur la peau. Le gel sèche sur la peau pendant 2 heures avant d’être lavé. Ça laisse un beau tatouage temporaire qui a l’air réel! Le dessin oxide sur 23 heures.

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What makes Jagua body art different then Henna body art is that jagua is black/blue & doesn’t require the maintenance that henna does, the application process is easy & fast, making it more suitable for children as much as for adults; where as henna is only suitable for older children & adults.

Ce qui différencie l’art corporel au “Jagua” de l’henné est que la coloration noire-bleutée ne nécessite pas le même entretien et le processus d’application est simple et rapide, ce qui le rend parfait pour enfants et adultes. Le henné ne devrait être utilisé que sur les adultes et les enfants plus âgés.

Suitable for all ages. I can come on location for your parties & special events. Also available by appointment at my studio.

Bon pour tous les âges! Je peux me déplacer pour vos fêtes et évènements spéciaux! Vous pouvez aussi prendre rendez-vous à mon studio.


Deposits & Cancellation Policy:

If you are booking a small appointment at the last minute of 30 minutes or less, my cancellation policy is negotiable depending on mutual circumstances.

For all other bookings: there is a 20% deposit required for all bookings. Cancellation policies from contract to contract are different depending on how big the contract is, how far in advanced you booked & the time of year (peak season versus the slow season). My cancellation policy for all bookings is if you don’t give sufficient warning (aka enough time for me to replace your contract with another contract) then 50% (which you can use as a credit for fine art paintings, photography & commissions) of the booking is owed. For some contracts this means there is a 7 day cancellation policy, for other contracts it might be a 3 day cancellation warning.

I will never cancel on a client and have never had to. If for some reason I cannot personally come, I will send another talented artist (but will update you about what is happening as it happens) in my stead.


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