My Body Art, Photography & Stop-Motion Animation Series ”Please Don’t Spoil” was Shortlisted & Published in the United Nations Academic Magazine  – The Art of Climate Action. Summer 2021

The Artist has 26 years professional experience in both BC & Quebec.

All Body Art Services under pandemic circumstances has changed. Due to additional costs associated with providing body art services during a pandemic, prices have been raised accordingly.

Short Film Coming Soon!

TESTIMONIALS / Témoignages

“I wanted to thank you again for all that you did. I actually won the costume contest at work and that was only because of your art. (That is pretty significant) I mean to say, that not one single person who saw me was not in awe of your talent. And that speaks volumes, truly. I’m still in awe of not only the exquisite piece.. literally, it was a beautiful painting you did by hand, just through inspiration.. but how you were willing to take me at such a crazy hour. I can really tell you I had so much fun with it. Children stopped dead in their tracks with their mouth open when they saw me.”

– Chrissy, Wolf Red Riding Hood themed Halloween Make-up Client 2017

Hallowe’en Face Painting/Make-up – Hallowe’en Maquillage


Halloween is nearly here!

Hair Services by Angelina Villeseche available by appointment, inquire for quote.

Halloween Makeup BY APPOINTMENT at my Studio & at The Powder Room on the Plateau in Montreal: $2 per minute, or $60 for 30 minutes or $90 for 1 hour, or $150 for 90 minutes. Most looks take between 20-60 minutes. 40% deposit for all bookings.

Mobile Service Prices:
If you need me to come on site to your event during non-peak times (28th, 30th & 31st of October) the services are $100 an hour with a 2 hour minimum.

On Saturday October 29th, (peak time, so any appointments I take means I am not able to be at my studio taking clients: travel time reduces how many clients I can service in a day hence the increased price for outgoing services during peak times) price is $130 per hour plus travel cost (Uber) roundtrip.

Plus travel (please use the Uber App to get a travel quote).
30% non-refundable deposit for all bookings.

I don’t keep prosthetics in stock, but I can give recommendations about where to purchase (I can apply your prosthetics).

Optional COVID19 Hygiene Measures TBD: costs will depend on your project as a special body art kit of new products will be set up for you, OR you can use expired old body art supplies for no charge but the artist is not liable as the client understands the body art supplies are from before the pandemic & the antibacterial properties are expired therefore not approved by Health Canada to be used on the general public for public events. However, the artist always uses old supplies on herself & never has had any issues, the client takes full responsibility if they chose to use the old supplies.


L’Halloween approche à grands pas!

Avez-vous déjà réservé votre maquilleuse? Si vous avez répondu non, vous êtes à la bonne place!

Je vous propose un rendez-vous privé dans mon studio privé au centre-ville de Montréal! (J’ai des chats, alors j’espère que vous n’êtes pas allergique…)
1,50$ la minute pour un rendez-vous. La plupart des maquillages nécessitent entre 20 et 40 minutes.

Si vous préférez que je me déplace chez vous, le tarif est de 100$/heure
plus mon transport et j’exige un dépôt.

Oui, je peux fournir les prothèses, mais vous devez réserver et payer votre commande à l’avance.


I ask for a $20 non-refundable deposit for all bookings of 30 minutes or less. Any bookings over 1 hour it is a 30% deposit. If you need to cancel, I require 96 hours notice (ie, enough time to try to find replacement work). If you do not give enough notice for cancellations then 50% of the total booking is owed because I say no to other clients so that I can keep your appointment time available for you when you book. If you do not want to pay a deposit & don’t want to deal with a 50% cancellation fee (which you can use as a credit for fine art paintings, photography & commissions) then I have to double book my appointments, and you will have to be patient with waiting for your turn.


Je demande un acompte de 30% non remboursable pour toutes les réservations. Si vous devez annuler, j’ai besoin d’un préavis de 96 heures. Si vous ne prévenez pas suffisamment les annulations, 50% du montant total de la réservation est dû, car je dis non à d’autres clients afin que je puisse vous réserver l’heure de votre rendez-vous au moment de la réservation. Si vous ne voulez pas payer d’acompte et que vous ne voulez pas payer avec des frais d’annulation de 50%, je dois prendre deux fois mes rendez-vous, et vous devrez patienter pour attendre votre tour si vous avez déjà réservé deux fois ( car alors si l’un de vous deux est absent, j’ai toujours un client pour ce créneau horaire et je n’ai pas refoulé les clients pour que votre réservation reste disponible).





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