Cancellation Policy

Deposits & Cancellation Policy:

There is a 20% deposit required for all bookings (except for Halloween, it’s a deposit of 40%).

Cancellation policies from contract to contract are different depending on circumstances. Cancellations must be made between 4 days in advance up to 7 weeks depending on how big the contract is, how far in advanced you booked, how much preparation was involved & the time of year (peak season versus the slow season).

My cancellation policy for all bookings is if you don’t give sufficient warning (aka enough time for me to replace your contract with another contract) then 40% – 50% of the booking is owed (which you can use as a credit for fine art paintings, photography & commissions).

Bookings that are worth over $500, that hire more then just me & are booked more then 30 days in advance will always have a cancellation policy of 30 days notice being required.

I will never cancel on a client and have never had to. If for some reason I cannot personally come, I will send another talented artist (but will update you about what is happening as it happens) in my stead.