Stop Motion Animation

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Keta Nadotawag: Listen

Stop-motion Animation Short Film by The Art of April-Anna

Collaborators: Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen
Keta Nadotawag – Listen
Music: Flying Down Thunder & Rise Ashen
Directing Assistance: Mynah Marie
General Assistance: Ziggy Lam


Music video contest entry for the song “Rainbow” by Robert Plant. / Vidéoclip – soumission pour le concours de la chanson “Rainbow” de Robert Plant

Models: Laurie Reinhart (Equilibrium Yoga Montreal), Aurélie Morgane (Projet Æolia), & Lisa Maria Diano.
Art, make-up, body painting, face painting, & stopmotion animation by The Art of April-Anna.

Vidéoclip – soumission pour le concours de la chanson “Rainbow” de Robert Plant

Mannequins : Laurie Reinhart (Equilibrium Yoga Montreal), Aurélie Morgane (Projet Æolia) et Lisa Maria Diano.

Art, maquillage, maquillage corporel, maquillage du visage et animation par The Art of April-Anna

Multi-Disciplinary Short Films by April-Anna

When the Ocean Dreams

Stop-Motion Animation Body Painting & Fine Art Canvas Painting 18 hours to paint.

Music by Melodic Energy Commission:

Sky Journey

Stopmotion Animation, Body Painting & Fine Art by April-Anna

Model: Cora Flora
Music: Excerpt from “Field of Grooves” off of Wave Packet by Melodic Energy Commision (Don Xaliman, George McDonald, Paul Franklin, Thom Evans, Rnady Raine-Reusch, Navaro Franco, Vince Mai, Bridget Wishart, Camillia Frey, Catherin Mclellan, Allannah Dow, Azul Salvaje)

Please Don’t

Imagery referenced for the body painting, from the documentary SPOIL (by EP Films in collaboration with Pacific Wild); Great Bear Rainforest of Gitga’at Nation of British Columbia, Canada.

Additional inspiration for this project came from Robert Bateman’s protest short film about the oil industry.

Body Painting, Artistic Direction, Concept, Photography & Stopmotion Animation by The Art of April-Anna

Music by Neil Young, provided for the public to use for free for the purpose of speaking up about what is happening to the environment.

Don’t hide your heads in the sand any longer, this is a planetary emergency and we have no where to run to. We have to get up and face this together, all of us. We are all in this together and no one is getting out alive, so let’s do this, once and for all, let’s deal with this.

Protesting Oil: Please Don’t Spoil

Protesting the oil spills, tar sands & Keystone pipeline project happening across Canada.

Projet Æolia – Kieres

Teaser music video with Aurélie Morgane from Projet Æolia

Vidéoclip “teaser” avec Aurélie Morgane de Projet Æolia

Irina Mikhailova

A stopmotion animation & body art collaboration from the autumn of 2012 between The Art of April-Anna and vocalist, composer, & multi instrumentalist, Irina Mikhailova (from Kaya Project).

Assistants: Ziggy Lam & Zraëli Karus.

Music by Seb Mullaert of Minilogue, Daniel Skantze and Irina Mikhailova

Through stop-motion animation April-Anna combines fashion, body make-up, fine-arts, photography, and creative set designs to create original videos that can be used for:

  • Artist promotion
  • Product advertisement
  • Commercial services
  • Campaign awareness
  • Brand marketing
  • Creative projects

Avec l’animation image par image, April-Anna mélange la mode, le maquillage corporel, les beaux-arts, la photographie ainsi que des décors créatifs pour la création de vidéos originaux qui peuvent servir à :

  • Promotion d’artiste
  • Publicité pour un produit
  • Services commerciaux
  • Campagne de sensibilisation
  • Marketing de marque
  • Projets créatifs

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