Body Painting / Maquillage corporel

My Body Painting, Photography & Stop-Motion Animation Series ”Please Don’t Spoil” was Shortlisted & Published in the United Nations Academic Magazine – The Art of Climate Action. Summer 2021

COVID19 UPDATE: Services will resume as of June 2021 for gatherings in compliance with CDC guidelines & local laws.

The Artist has 25 years professional experience as a body artist in both BC & Quebec.

All Body Art Services under pandemic circumstances has changed. Due to additional costs associated with providing body art services during a pandemic, prices have been raised accordingly.

Due to the correct sanitary procedures to be able to provide body art or makeup services during a Pandemic, the artist’s ability to work is slowed down therefore the solution is that the price has now been raised to include the cost of a personal assistant who will manage the extra sanitation procedures so that the artist can work at a faster pace.

Prices are as follows:

$150 for the 1st hour, $125 for each additional hour (wages for 2 people) including body painting products.

Event Body Painting

IMG_7502 sm

Grand Opening for DoubleTree by the Hilton Hotel at the Montreal Airport on October 11th, 2018


IMG_7486 sm

Grand Opening for DoubleTree by the Hilton Hotel at the Montreal Airport on October 11th, 2018



New City Gas – MFleurs Launch – Roses


Commercial Body Painting

Peinture corporelle commerciale


Mermaid_0148 sm

Mermaid Body Painting


Private Collections / Collections privées


Rebecca 3 websize

Client photoshoot for spouse.


 Pregnancy Body Painting / Maquillage corporel – future maman


IMG_7838 sm

Angel Teddy Bear – Gender Reveal Party: it’s a boy!


Fashion /Mode


IMG_5509 sm

Fashion Shoot – Custom Leather by Bhima. Model: Jacqueline Tyráček Photography: Marie Dietlin




Fashion Show on Rue MacKay


Fine Art / Beaux-arts


IMG_3336 sm 2

Oil Spill




Oil Spill


“Rising Phoenix” – Body Painting / Maquillage corporel


Body Painting / Maquillage corporel

Technique used is Sponge & Brush. I use Make-up Forever, MAC Pro & Mehron products. Hourly rates apply with a two hour minimum for contracts within Montreal. $125 per hour for Sponge & Brush. Air Brush is $170 per hour.

There is a three hour minimum for out of town jobs. Additional fees may apply to cover travel time and expenses. Prosthestics also available as extras. 30% off of regular rates for rehersals. Discount if you come to my studio.

Torso requires 2-5 hours to paint, depending upon the concept & detail. Full head to foot body painting takes 5-8 hours to apply. If you’re looking for very detailed fine work, very complicated concepts or realism may require a second or third artist on the same body painting.

One colour only, no details? Head to foot body painting in one solid colour takes approx. 90 minutes up to 2 hours per model depending on height & size of the model. There is an extra charge of $20 for supply costs when it’s one solid colour because of how much product is used. If you want one solid colour in a metalic colour such as gold or silver, then it will be an extra $40 or more for product depending on the size of the model.

Additional Staff?

The Art of April-Anna Services  offers additional staff including models (I look for people who are highly experienced in Theatre & TV as they make better models as they know how to animate characters & body art), hair stylists, & other talent needed for special events. This includes musicians, live fine art painting on canvas, circus performers, palm/tarot readers, massage therapists & more. Short staffed for practical jobs like coat check or bar staff? The Art of April-Anna Services can also outsource & subcontract all of your staffing needs from an existing roster of skilled professionals.

karine and olive



J’utilise la technique “éponge et pinceau” et surtout des produits Make-up Forever & MAC. Le tarif horaire s’applique, ainsi qu’un minimum de 2 heures pour les contrats à Montréal.

Le minimum est de 3 heures pour les contrats en dehors de la ville de Montréal. Des frais additionnels peuvent être chargés pour mon transport et mes dépenses. Des prothèses sont aussi disponibles pour une prime. J’offre 30% de rabais sur le tarif régulier pour les pratiques! Un rabais sera également appliqué si vous vous déplacez à mon studio! Maquiller un torse demande de 2 à 5 heures, dépendant du concept et le niveau de détail. Maquiller un corps complet demande de 4 à 8 heures et les concepts très compliqués ou réalistes peuvent nécessiter un deuxième ou même un troisième artiste.


IMG_3944 sm

”The Spirit Bear”


Applications / Idées

  • Corporate parties
  • Gala events
  • Private parties
  • Halloween
  • Graduation
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Fundraisers
  • Promotional Events
  • Concerts
  • Pregnancy Photoshoots
  • Workshops
  • and more!
  • Soirée corporative
  • Évènement gala
  • Fête privée
  • Halloween
  • Graduation
  • Mariage
  • Anniversaire
  • Collecte de fonds
  • Évènement promotionnel
  • Concert
  • Séance de photos de grossesse
  • Atelier
  • Et beaucoup plus!


Mermaid_0011 watermark sm



Live Body Art Installations / Installations de maquillage corporel

Body painting itself can be a performance medium to accompany concerts, fashion shows, parties, festivals, art exhibitions, special events & celebrations. Your audience or party guests can enjoy observing the entire body painting process from start to finish, with the final complete body painting being a living statue for people to enjoy the detailed creation. Can be even more impactful if there is a backdrop painting to match or continue the body painting.


Le maquillage corporel en soi peut devenir un médium pour accompagner un concert, un défilé de mode, une fête, un festival, une exposition d’art, un évènement spécial ou toute autre célébration. Votre public ou vos amis peuvent observer le processus entier du début à la fin, le résultat final étant une statue vivante pour l’admiration de tous. Ceci peut avoir encore plus d’impact s’il y a une toile de fond assortie!


Deposits & Cancellation Policy:

There is a 20% deposit required for all bookings. Cancellation policies from contract to contract are different depending on how big the contract is, how far in advanced you booked & the time of year (peak season versus the slow season). My cancellation policy for all bookings is if you don’t give sufficient warning (because I say no to other clients in order to keep your booking) then 50% (which you can use as a credit for fine art paintings, photography & commissions) of the booking is owed. For some contracts this means there is a 7 day cancellation policy, for other contracts it might be a 30 day cancellation policy, for other contracts it might be a 48 hour cancellation policy; it depends on alot of factors but will be clearly stated in the invoice & contract which you will be sent when you make the booking.

Bookings that are worth over $500, that hire more then just me & are booked more then 30 days in advance will always have a cancellation policy of 30 days notice being required.

I will never cancel on a client and have never had to. If for some reason I cannot personally come, I will send another talented artist (but will update you about what is happening as it happens) in my stead.


paint splash3

Fashion Show



IMG_3813 web

Blue Heron



IMG_3448 web

Wild Birds – In Progress




Men’s modern Chinese styled shirt body painted on.



25 websize

Henna Styled Body Painting