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New Studio!

Conveniently located 5 minute walk from Jean-Talon Metro.

By appointment only, (no drop-ins) on location mobile services (2 hour minimum) or studio appointments available (30 minute minimum).


April-Anna is an English speaker.
Pour les enquêtes françaises – Agent de réservation:






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Please Note: there is no refunds on any services. I provide a high quality service, and if for any reason you have an issue with any service, I will do my best to find a working solution that will still give you fair value for the services rendered, but I cannot refund you.

If for any reason the jagua-fruit temporary tattoos or henna temporary tattoos do not render the results you had hoped for, this would be either due to skin chemistry or not leaving the paste on a long enough time. While most people get terrific results from their jagua or henna, less then 2% of the population will not be able to get a stain from these natural products. I don’t have an explanation for why this happens, and cannot be held responsible for your skin chemistry. However, if you do have this problem, I am happy to redo the work with another product (I offer 4 different kinds of temporary tattoos), finding something that will work on your skin or give you a credit for another service.